2021 Catalysing Action to Transform Africa’s Food Systems
2020 Building Better and Resilient Agriculture and Food Systems
2019 Enhancing Climate Resilience and Food and Nutrition Security
2018 Transforming Agriculture in Africa
2017 Resilient African agriculture and food systems: securing prosperity and health for all
2015 Creating an Enabling Environment for Scaling up Climate Smart Agriculture: The Road to Paris
2014 CIFSRF Research to Feed Africa Policy Dialogue
2014 Climate Smart Agriculture Family Farming
2013 Climate Smart Agriculture
2012 From Policy to Practice: Advocating for active Engagement of Youth in Agricultural Value Chains
2011 Advocating for the active Engagement of the Youth in the Agricultural Value Chain
2010 Livestock & Fisheries Policies for Food Security and Trade in a Changing Climate
2009 True Contribution of Agriculture to Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Southern African countries
2008 Regional Strategies for Addressing the Global Food Crisis
2007 Meeting the demand for effective Food Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis in Southern Africa "Triggers" for Agricultural Growth in Southern Africa
2006 Creating a conducive policy environment for inputs intensification and market development for increased production and productivity
2005 Creating a conducive policy environment for a food secure Southern Africa
2004 Policy strategies needed to promote permanent agricultural recovery and productivity growth in the SADC region
2003 Regional Stakeholder Meeting on Agricultural Recovery, Food Security and Trade Policies in Southern Africa
2002 Strengthening institutional capacity for policy research and analysis among stakeholders in the SADC region
2001 Agricultural policy making in Southern Africa: Issues and challenges