The aim of this portal is to help provide development practitioners with a resource to explore, evaluate, synthesize, and learn about climate related vulnerabilities and risks at multiple levels of details.

This portal contains regional and country specific data about historical and future climate vulnerabilities and impacts. In addition, the portal offers flexible frameworks, data, and tools that provide comprehensive information to development practitioners. This information allows the to explore, evaluate, synthesize, and learn about various projects or policies that can be implemented to reduce climate-related vulnerabilities and risks.

The CCKP provides access to 15 to 16 socioeconomic indicators aggregated at the national level related to land use, population, GDP, and public health

Historical Dataset

Historical data originates from observational datasets and allow scientists to understand historical actuals as well as compare projection model outputs against observed data. Historical data is generated from thousands of weather stations afross Africa which are collecting temperature and rainfall data.