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Life sciences, biotechnology and food security
Science and businesses address the challenges facing us today
January 2011

Acknowledgements: FANRPAN acknowledges the Abbreva Group, London as the source of this document

Fuelling change 5
The aviation industry's 2% of global carbon emissions. Sounds small but according to the IPCC the altitude means that 2% accounts for 3.5% of human induced climate change.
Funding innovation 18
We find out how in the current economic climate companies and their investors are under increasing pressure to finance innovation in more efficient ways.
Strength in numbers 20
Biotechnology as a business is high risk and high reward. The route to market for a new therapeutic often starts with small companies, where investment funds development to key technical milestones, usually Phase II clinical trials.
Could biogas fill 35
renewable gaps? Biomethane produced from crops and agricultural waste is being touted as fixing renewables, predictability and storage issues.
Working in partnership 38
The days of doing agricultural and development research in isolation are long gone. We find out why.
The bioeconomy of 54
of the future Biotechnology is bringing major changes to healthcare, agriculture and industry. We learn of a detailed report seeking to understand what this might mean for society in 2030.

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