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The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD), is a Ministry of the Nigerian government that regulates agricultural research, agriculture and natural resources, forestry and veterinary research all over Nigeria.

Established in 1966, the Ministry has the responsibility of optimizing agriculture and integrating rural development for the transformation of the Nigerian economy, with a view to attaining food security and positioning Nigeria as a net food exporter for socio-economic development.

The mandate of the Ministry is to be a significant net provider of food to the global community, through the promotion of Agricultural Development and Management of National Resources in a value-chain approach to achieve sustainable food security, enhance farm income and reduce poverty.

Our Vision: Grow Nigeria’s agricultural sector

What we have started doing!
  • Execute an agricultural transformation agenda to support Mr. Presidents Transformation Agenda
  • Focus on agriculture as a business
  • Utilize the transformation of the agricultural sector to create jobs, create wealth and ensure food security
  • Focus on value chains where Nigeria has comparative advantage
Develop strategic partnerships to stimulate investments to drive a market-led agricultural transformation
  • State and Local Governments
  • Inter-ministerial collaboration
  • Private sector
  • Farmer groups and civil society
  • Sharp focus on youth and women
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