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Madagascar Resources

Department of Rural Development Policies: Ministry of Agriculture


To design, implement and coordinate the policy of the Malagasy State in the field of Agriculture as well as agricultural research, for a rapid and sustainable development.

At the regional level, it provides the 22 Regional Directorates for Rural Development (DRDR) the implementation of the policy of the Department in the administrative regions, according to the standards and objectives set by the Department and taking into account the specificities of each region.

  • To develop farming systems and agricultural resources (from production to marketing);
  • Establish an environment conducive to rural development;
  • Develop skills in public and private sectors to support rural development;
  • To create alliances to negotiate resources and identify opportunities necessary for rural development
The Ministry of Agriculture:
  • Contributes to the establishment of conditions conducive to the promotion of sustainable economic, social, political and cultural, fast and durable.
  • Follows up the administration and utilization of resources allocated by the State to implement the policy in respect of laws and regulations
  • Monitors and controls the execution of activities as agreed in the "Business Plan" to achieve the following objectives:
    • To increase productivity to attain the same level as Asian countries and increase irrigated areas;
    • To promote the diversification and transformation of agricultural products by encouraging the village associations and the private sector;
    • To achieve the international quality standards to develop agricultural exports and agro-industry;
    • To ensure good governance of the sector
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Name of hosting institution: Department of Rural Development Policies: Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Agriculture

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