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The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) was established in 1907. The Government of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia that has been established in 1991 designed the new agricultural policy and strategies. Agriculture Development led Industrialization (ADLI) that aimed at transforming the country's economy is one of the national policies and strategies. It is aimed at transforming the country's economy in to a well-developed and prospered one.

This agricultural policy and strategies is based on the objective realities of the country and its prime objective is to accelerate agricultural production and productivity at all levels.
Since the start of the implementation of this timely and effective agricultural policy and strategy, the agricultural sector is influencing the overall economic performances in Ethiopia. There have been achievements so far obtained by implementing the agriculture development led industrialization policy and strategies.

  • Create market led modern agriculture and a society free from poverty.
  • Create a modern and a highly productive agricultural system that uses a more advanced technology which enables the society to get rid of poverty
To this effect we need to:-
  • Promote market-oriented modern agricultural system;
  • Conserve, develop and use the natural resources sustainable;
  • Put in place modern agricultural marketing system;
  • Build the capacity of disaster prevention and preparedness;
  • Empower women and youth in development so that they could benefit therefore.
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