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Commemoration of the 7th Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security

26 October 2016 - 28 October 2016

The Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security (ADFNS) was declared in July 2010 by the African Union Heads of State and Government (at the 15th Ordinary Session of the AU Summit) in Kampala, Uganda. This decision was made in recognition of the unacceptable and chronic crisis of hunger and malnutrition in Africa. The first ADFNS was successfully launched in Lilongwe, Malawi, on 31st October 2010. Since then the ADFNS has been commemorated six times with the last edition taking place in Kampala, Uganda, from 28 to 30 October 2015.
The main purpose of the ADFNS is to serve as a platform for rallying political and financial commitments at all levels to address contemporary challenges....

International conference on livestock value chain finance and access to credit: Improving smallholders’ livestock value addition and marketing through access to finance and credit

12 October 2016 - 30 November 2016

Improving the livelihoods of livestock smallholders and other value chain actors through livestock value addition and marketing is constrained by the lack of access to finance, working capital, affordable quality inputs, and well-structured value chains. Unlike other agricultural sub-sectors such as crops, fruits, and vegetables, financing livestock activities, especially fattening and finishing activities, through financial institutions or value chain actors is very scarce.

Global Food Security Symposium 2017

07 October 2016 - 05 November 2016

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is now accepting applications from students to participate in the Global Food Security Symposium 2017 Next Generation Delegation. The symposium will be held March 29-30, 2017, in Washington, DC.

Women Leaders Driving Science and Innovation for Agricultural Transformation in Africa

12 October 2016 - 30 November 2016

On 14 October 2016, in Des Moines, the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and FANRPAN co-hosted a high-level panel at the 2016 Borlaug Dialogue International Symposium to highlight the role of women in driving agricultural transformation...

International Conference on Agribusiness AFMA conference 2016

20 November 2016 - 24 November 2016

The Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mauritius will be hosting an International Conference on Agribusiness in collaboration with the AFMA (Africa Farm Management Association) from 20th-24th November 2016 under the main theme"Sustainable Agricultural Development: Innovation Systems Approach for Agricultural Transformation in Africa" and sub themes (not exhaustive) as follows: ...

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